Welcome to our New Website
  • Posted Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Welcome to our New Website

Dear patients, friends, and colleagues,

This is my first ever blog and I am excited to share news with you on a regular basis on my new website. To start with I want to emphasize what I actually specialize on. I do both outpatient and inpatient Neurology which require different skills. Hospital patients get admitted mostly due to a stroke, head injury, brain infections and spinal cord problems. If patient develops severe pain in the neck or back or severe headache they get admitted for work up and treatment. If they develop sudden onset of weakness, numbness, speech difficulty and balance problems they get admitted to rule out a stroke.

I treat every kind of neurological disorder in my clinic. I am a general neurologist with a long experience on migraines, dementia, multiple sclerosis and back and neck pain. I see young and old patients with concussion, brain injuries and bleeds. I am subspecialized in neuro-oncology which means I treat brain and spinal cord tumors but luckily these tumors are rare. I offer Botox injections for neck spasms, back torsion, migraines, TMJ problems and grinding. I also treat stroke related spasticity patients with Botox. I do EEG to work up seizure patients. I do EMG and nerve conduction studies for nerve and muscle disorders. Long experience with migraines, demantia , movement disorders like Parkinson's disease. 

As you see I cover almost every part of Neurology. As I am very up to date with advances in Neurology and get qualified every year for new technology and medications I feel confident to help every kind of neurology patient. I will go into details and update you about the new discoveries and treatment options for different neurological disorders in my blog as time goes on.

Please feel free to contact me through my contact web form with your questions, feedback and your own experiences. My staff and I hope to give you the best, comprehensive care possible in Marin county.